Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok so my last post was about the possibility of a studio and now it's a reality! We are in the final stages of getting everything ready to go and we want to invite you to a huge party we are having to celebrate!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Click Studio Co-Op

Hey Guys!

I just want to put some feelers out there to see what people would think of having a group studio. I personally am going to be getting a studio to use for my business, and would be willing to turn certain days into co-op days when members of the co-op could use the space for meetings, and use all the studio equipment (backgrounds, lights ect). I would most likely just set up a google calendar and people could sign up for time slots. I would also be open to doing full day rentals of the studio for those interested. The Co-op fee for 3 hours a week of studio space would be a monthly fee of $100.00, single use, full day rentals would also be available for $100.00 for the whole day (subject to available)

I haven't rented the space yet, and want to get some feedback as far as who would be interested in either renting space 1 day at a time, or participating in a group Co-op. If you are interested in the Co-op let me know, since if we do set one up we will only be accepting 5 people into it.

I need to know by next week who would be interested in this, thanks guys!

This photo is horrid, and of course we would have to finish it out, right now it's just bare bones. But here is an idea what the space would look like....

It's right off a main road with a very cool street entrance and parking right next to the front door...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Had An Epiphany!

Ok so maybe everybody else on the planet has already thought about this but it just dawned on me the other day and I am super stoked about it.   If you know me, you know I am an avid blog stalker.  I love viewing other peoples work and being inspired by it, and when I see a photo I like I always download or make a screen shot of it and put it into a file on my computer I call inspiration.

One of the biggest challenges I always face and I know many other photos face as well is posing.  And when I say posing I'm not talking about traditional posing techniques here, I'm talking a cool modern poses to make sure we're giving our clients a great mix of imagery.  So before a session I would always go back through all my photos in my little inspiration folder and try to fix the poses I liked and wanted to try during my session into my memory.  Well time after time when I would start shooting my mind would just go blank... and they would all vanish... or I just couldn't figure out how the hell they had actually gotten a certain pose to look natural and not really really uncomfortable.  

Then I had my epiphany!!! Which was that I own an Ipod! I quickly sat down one day and organized all the photos in my inspiration folder into categories: men, women, couples and loaded them all up onto the photos section of my Ipod touch!   Can you see why this is so awesome!?  People make flip books you can buy, playing cards, flash card whatever, they sell it for you to buy with posing ideas, but this way you can take all you favorite images that you like and put them in a small portable device way better than carrying around a large flipbook FOR FREE... did I mention the part where it is FREE! (well that is if you already have an Ipod or Iphone, and if not you aren't up to date with modern technology and you should buy one anyway lol...)  So now, I have my hubby/assistant standing by with the Ipod and when he sees me floundering for different posing ideas, he just has to pull out the Ipod, flip to the appropriate sections, and jump in with a posing idea to help me out.  Works so so so well!

Just thought I'd share!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Top 100 Photography Blogs

Hey Guys :) I just found this cool list of some great photo blogs for all aspects of photography, so if you are looking for some places online to get some great photo info you might want to check out some of the blogs on this list!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Sharpening Love

Hey All :)

Just wanted to let you know about an awesome action that the super talented and sharing Dustin Francis made and is sharing with the photo community. I'm sure you've all heard of "Magic Sharp" a poplular sharpening action made by Kevin Kubota . Well Dustin has made a very similar sharpening action that he is sharing, free of charge, with people. So if you don't have the money to drop on one of Kevin's action packs to get the legendary "Magic Sharp" this is a great alternative!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Retainer vs. Deposit

Ok so since I just posted up about that cool blog I figured I'd pull one of the videos to give you a taste of what they have over there. Here is a good video talking about the difference in your word usage for photography contracts.  If you aren't using the word RETAINER for a clients 1st initial payment beware!  Robert Nowell explains in this video from EnlightenMe:

Robert Nowell talks "Retainer vs Deposit" from enlightenme on Vimeo.


I just came across this awesome website full of little videos talking about a wide range of photography related topics and thought I'd share with you guys :)